1. How does Rockwell Automation support FIRST?

The correct answer is all of the above. In addition to financial and in-kind support, employees share their expertise by volunteering as team mentors, subject matter experts, judges and referees. Many of our employee volunteers are former FIRST participants and continue their involvement by serving as program mentors and volunteers.

2. During the 2016-2017 FIRST season, Rockwell Automation employees mentored nearly ____ FIRST teams across all levels of the program including FIRST Jr. LEGO League, FIRST LEGO League, FIRST Tech Challenge and FIRST Robotics.

The correct answer is 200 teams. During the season, our employees volunteer thousands of hours to mentor these teams across all FIRST programs. For FIRST teams with a Rockwell Automation employee mentor, we support each of those teams with cash grants. Our employees also volunteer their time at FIRST regional, state and world championship events to serve as judges and referees.

3. According to Change the Equation, computer science jobs are growing nearly twice as fast as other jobs. From 2015-2025, jobs in computer science are expected to grow by ___%.

The correct answer is 19%. Computer science is a gateway to a prosperous future with a projected growth of +19% from 2015-2025 computer to +11% for all other jobs. That’s why at Rockwell Automation, we are committed to engaging with young people during an Hour of Code tutorial as part of a global campaign during Computer Science Education Week, held annually during the first week of December. Last year, more than 700 Rockwell Automation employees engaged in Hour of Code.

4. Which focused giving priority reflects over half of our total giving?

The correct answer is Education & Workforce Development, which represents more than 60% of our total giving. We are focused on preparing the next generation of critical thinkers and problem solvers. We focus on STEM (science, technology, engineering and math) education in order to build a diverse technical talent pipeline. We are Engineering Our Future ™ and Inspiring Young Minds™ for STEM careers.