1. Rockwell Automation has ____ locations certified to ISO 14001 environmental management system.

The correct answer is 24 with the most recent being in Jundiai, Brazil.

2. Rockwell Automation has been listed on FTSE4Good Index of Companies for _____.

The correct answer is 10+ years. The FTSE4Good Index measure the stock market performance of companies demonstrating strong environmental, social and governance practices.

3. Rockwell Automation has ___ locations certified OHSAS 18001 occupational health and safety standard.

The correct answer is 18. Rockwell Automation has been recognized for our health and safety practices by organizations in Poland, Singapore, Santo Domingo, Canada and U.S.

4. Besides our ___ global safety domain experts, with extensive knowledge of both automation and safety, Rockwell Automation also offers product stewardship.

The correct answer is 250. Complex machinery, standards and contemporary equipment require a deep understanding to implement safety solutions that protect workers, improve productivity and achieve compliance. That’s why Rockwell Automation has 250 dedicated global safety domain experts.

5. For the ___ consecutive year, Rockwell Automation was named a member of The Dow Jones Sustainability North American Index.

The correct answer is Eighth. The Dow Jones Sustainability indices measure the performance of the world’s sustainability leaders. Companies are selected based on a comprehensive assessment of long-term economic, environmental and social criteria that account for general, as well as industry-specific, sustainability trends.