1. In what year did Rockwell Automation start its Supplier Diversity program?

The correct answer is 2004. The goal of the Supplier Diversity Program at Rockwell Automation is to give qualified diverse suppliers an opportunity to partner with us every day and everywhere possible.

2. How many diverse suppliers does Rockwell Automation currently have relationships with?

The correct answer is 299. We believe that by diversifying our supply chain, we promote innovation and gain access to valuable sources of goods, services, experience and expertise. These contribute to the economic growth of the diverse communities where we conduct business.

3. Rockwell Automation spends approximately _______ dollars annually, with over 500 small, veteran, or disabled veteran-owned businesses across the nation.

The correct answer is $200 million dollars annually. We are committed to increasing our supplier diversity spend every year. To do this, we have committed professionals and dedicated resources within our Strategic Sourcing group focused exclusively on identifying new suppliers and managing existing supplier relationships.